2024 NEWS


May 10, 2024 NEWS RELEASE

An announcement regarding the termination of SDS provision

To Whom It May Concern:

We would like to announce that TOK, Inc. has terminated to provide the Safety data sheet.
It is because our products do not change to a state other than a solid, powder or granules during normal handling, so there is no legal obligation to provide SDS.

For more information on handling our products, please refer to the product specification sheet, which is available upon request. chemSHERPA is also available if you need environmental information.
If you need more information, please contact your representative.

Best regards,

Keisuke Yoshikawa      Junichiro Akiba
President          General Manager, Mechanical Core Parts Div,

January 19, 2024 NEWS RELEASE

Featured in "dot B," a website that
introduces the Japanese manufacturing industry to overseas audiences!

dot B

Our products were featured on dot B, a website that introduces Japanese manufacturing companies to overseas customers and allows them to compare products.
Click here to download the English catalog.
Dot B is a product comparison site for factory managers and purchasing managers in the manufacturing industry worldwide.
Various product, company, and catalog information is available.
If you need English-language materials, you can download them from the site above.